• Flute World : This is one of the best places to shop all things flute, namely music and accessories, in addition to instruments, recordings, etc. If it is available, they probably carry it and they deliver quickly.
  • Las Vegas Music Teachers Association : The Las Vegas Music Teachers Association provides programs such as the Silverstate Competition, the Bolognini Competition, Junior Festival and Musicianship Exams. The website has study guides for Musicianship Exams as well as other great resources and information.
  • Music Teachers National Association : The MTNA is the association from which the National Federation Junior Festival, Musicianship Exams and the national MTNA soloist competition stem from.
  • National Flute Association : The National Flute Association is the only nation-wide organization devoted to the flute and hosts an incredible National Flute Convention in a different city each August.
  • Suzuki Association of the Americas : This is the association that oversees all Suzuki Method training and education, including many wonderful resources for parents and students.
  • The Desert Suzuki Instittue : Information on the world-class Suzuki Institute offered here in Las Vegas each July. This is an event you will want to make a priority each summer!
  • The Las Vegas Flute Club : The Las Vegas Flute Club will keep you updated on all great flute events happening in the city and the membership fees are very low. You will have access to workshops, masterclasses, newsletters, recitals, etc.